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Dirty Dead Con Men (2018)

Dirty Dead Con Men (2018)

In a world full of criminals...what difference do two more make?

A cool and dangerous neo-noir crime film that revolves around the disturbed lives of two unlikely partners: Mickey Rady, a rogue undercover cop and Kook Packard, a smooth and charismatic con man. Together they rip off those operating outside of the law...for their own personal gain. But things go awry when one heist suck them deep into a city-wide conspiracy...

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Peter Dobson Peter Dobson
as Kook Packard
Kevin Interdonato Kevin Interdonato
as Mickey Rady
Claudia Christian Claudia Christian
as Donna
Louis Mandylor Louis Mandylor
as Agent Daniels
Chris Caldovino Chris Caldovino
as Det. Rick
Kristen Dalton Kristen Dalton
as Aveline Packard
Hawthorne James Hawthorne James
as Art McCoy
Ione Butler Ione Butler
as Eve
Brandon Heitkamp Brandon Heitkamp
as Connor
Erin O'Brien Erin O'Brien
as Isabella
Amanda Clayton Amanda Clayton
as Lori
Chriss Anglin Chriss Anglin
as Lenny
Michael Thomas Wallace Michael Thomas Wallace
as Shane
Erin Raftery Erin Raftery
as Natalie Rady
Chris Bound Chris Bound
as Chris
Marie-Grete Heinemann Marie-Grete Heinemann
Kevin Interdonato Kevin Interdonato
Marie-Grete Heinemann Marie-Grete Heinemann