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In the Beginning was Water and Sky (2017)

In the Beginning was Water and Sky (2017)

A haunting and visually stunning fairytale that blends the horrors of fantasy and the real life historical events of colonization and Indian Boarding Schools in the United States. A Native American girl in the 1700s and a Native American boy in the 1960s struggle to find their way back to a home that may be lost forever.

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Norma-Sue Hill Norma-Sue Hill
as Girl
Shohnáhose Davin Bomberry Shohnáhose Davin Bomberry
as Boy
Carter Simon Carter Simon
as Boy with Bleached Hair
Jenna Clause Jenna Clause
as Tongue Prick Girl
James Levesque James Levesque
as Rider in Black
Harrison Stewart Harrison Stewart
as School Principal
Tara McLearnon Tara McLearnon
as School Teacher
Christina Vernucci Christina Vernucci
as School Teacher #2
Cheryl De Luca Cheryl De Luca
as Mother
Dallas Fuller Dallas Fuller
as One-Armed Minister
John Homer John Homer
as Drummer
Talon White-Eye Talon White-Eye
as Dancer
Gavin White-Eye Gavin White-Eye
as Dancer
Dexter Jimerson Dexter Jimerson
as Dancer
Lenny James Anderson Lenny James Anderson
as Dancer
Jeremy Proulx Jeremy Proulx
as Dancer
Louis Knapaysweet Louis Knapaysweet
as Chief
Nellie Kabestra Nellie Kabestra
as Villager
James Aaron Peters James Aaron Peters
as Villager
Melissa Redsky Melissa Redsky
as Villager
Colton Clause Colton Clause
as Student
Gavin Graham Wade Bomberry Gavin Graham Wade Bomberry
as Student
Sydney Bomberry Sydney Bomberry
as Student
Aidan Davey Aidan Davey
as Student
Tehanenhrakhas Green Tehanenhrakhas Green
as Student
A.J. Hill A.J. Hill
as Student
Brenden Hill Brenden Hill
as Student
Jaelyn Hill Jaelyn Hill
as Student
Alexis Johnson Alexis Johnson
as Student
Dezlin Johnson Dezlin Johnson
as Student
Macy Brooke Martin Macy Brooke Martin
as Student
Miranda Blair Martin Miranda Blair Martin
as Student
Tehokwaritathe Sunny Bear Martin Tehokwaritathe Sunny Bear Martin
as Student
Aleena Skye Aleena Skye
as Student
Heaven-Leigh Thomas Heaven-Leigh Thomas
as Student
Ryan Ward Ryan Ward
Ryan Ward Ryan Ward
Michael LeBlanc Michael LeBlanc
Director of Photography
David Bertok David Bertok
Ryan Ward Ryan Ward
Jeff Bai Jeff Bai
Production Design
Amanda Lee Shaw Amanda Lee Shaw
Costume & Make-Up
Costume Design
Ariana Roberts Ariana Roberts
Costume & Make-Up
Key Makeup Artist
Christine Crook Christine Crook
Costume & Make-Up
Key Hair Stylist
Gary Couto Gary Couto
Visual Effects
VFX Supervisor
Michael Archacki Michael Archacki
Sound Designer
Michelle Farmer Michelle Farmer