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Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart to Hades (1972)

Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart to Hades (1972)

In the third film of the Lone Wolf and Cub series, Ogami Itto volunteers to be tortured by Yakuza to save a prostitute and is hired by their leader to kill an evil chamberlain.

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Tomisaburō Wakayama Tomisaburō Wakayama
as Ogami Itto
Yuko Hamada Yuko Hamada
as Torizo
Isao Yamagata Isao Yamagata
as Endo Genba
Michitarô Mizushima Michitarô Mizushima
as Asada Junai
Akihiro Tomikawa Akihiro Tomikawa
as Daigoro
Gô Katô Gô Katô
as Magomura Kanbei
Ichirô Nakatani Ichirô Nakatani
as Yagyu Samurai
Akihiro Tomikawa Akihiro Tomikawa
as Ogami Daigoro
Sayoko Katô Sayoko Katô
as Omatsu
Jun Hamamura Jun Hamamura
as Miura Tatewaki
Daigo Kusano Daigo Kusano
as Kuchiki Rokubei
Kenji Misumi Kenji Misumi
Kazuo Koike Kazuo Koike
Goseki Kojima Goseki Kojima
Kazuo Koike Kazuo Koike
Shintarô Katsu Shintarô Katsu
Hisaharu Matsubara Hisaharu Matsubara
Hiroshi Kamayatsu Hiroshi Kamayatsu
Original Music Composer
Hideaki Sakurai Hideaki Sakurai
Original Music Composer
Toshio Taniguchi Toshio Taniguchi
Chikashi Makiura Chikashi Makiura
Director of Photography
Robert J. Woodhead Robert J. Woodhead
Executive Producer