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Fahrenheit 451 (2018)

Fahrenheit 451 (2018)

Knowledge is a dangerous thing

In an oppressive future, a 'fireman' whose duty is to destroy all books begins to question his task.

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Michael B. Jordan Michael B. Jordan
as Guy Montag
Michael Shannon Michael Shannon
as Captain Beatty
Sofia Boutella Sofia Boutella
as Clarisse McClellan
Lilly Singh Lilly Singh
as Raven
Jane Moffat Jane Moffat
as Sam Shepard
Andy McQueen Andy McQueen
as Gustavo
Grace Lynn Kung Grace Lynn Kung
as Chairman Mao
Keir Dullea Keir Dullea
as Historian
Martin Donovan Martin Donovan
as Commissioner Nyari
Joe Pingue Joe Pingue
as Wayne Anderson
Dylan Taylor Dylan Taylor
as Fireman Douglas
Joanne Boland Joanne Boland
as Clarisse's Neighbor
Drew Nelson Drew Nelson
as Bartender
David Tompa David Tompa
as Angry Eel
Raoul Bhaneja Raoul Bhaneja
as Bobby Gosh
Scott Edgecombe Scott Edgecombe
as Singing Fireman
Lynne Griffin Lynne Griffin
as Old Woman / Grapes of Wrath
Tim Post Tim Post
as Protesting Eel
Daniel Zolghadri Daniel Zolghadri
as Clifford
Saad Siddiqui Saad Siddiqui
as Fireman Stone
Daniel Alfredo Ojeda Daniel Alfredo Ojeda
as Angry Eel (uncredited)
Michelle Roy Michelle Roy
as Eel
Marissa Kate Wilson Marissa Kate Wilson
as Neighbour #5
Chris Gleason Chris Gleason
as Baseball Fan
Joe Vercillo Joe Vercillo
as Firefighter
Jake Teel Jake Teel
as Singing firemen #6
Cindy Katz Cindy Katz
as Yuxie
Mayko Nguyen Mayko Nguyen
as Newscaster
Katherine Cullen Katherine Cullen
as Girl Eel
Edsson Morales Edsson Morales
as Guy Eel
Ramin Bahrani Ramin Bahrani
Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury
Amir Naderi Amir Naderi
Ramin Bahrani Ramin Bahrani
Executive Producer
David Coatsworth David Coatsworth
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Sarah Green Sarah Green
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Julie Hook Julie Hook
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Peter Jaysen Peter Jaysen
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Douglas Aibel Douglas Aibel
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Jim Rider Jim Rider
Visual Effects
Visual Effects Supervisor
Ramin Bahrani Ramin Bahrani
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Kramer Morgenthau Kramer Morgenthau
Director of Photography