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Help, I Shrunk My Teacher (2015)

Help, I Shrunk My Teacher (2015)

After the eleven-year old Felix (Oskar Keymar) flown by several schools, is now the Otto Leonhard school his last chance. But already the first day there is as little promising. Although he finds in the bustling Ella (Lina Hüesker) quickly a new girlfriend, but its new Director and teacher Dr. Schmitt Gössenwein (Anja Kling) is obnoxious and on top of that the boys in his class are called him above all, the arrogant Mario (Georg Sulzer), not just welcome. To be accepted by them, Felix should be multiple tests of courage. The first is that it breaks in the evening in the school. When attempting to Mrs. Schmitt Gössenwein caught him but all people.

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    Just a little slow initially but worth the watch.

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    love this movie

Axel Stein Axel Stein
as Peter Vorndran
Justus von Dohnányi Justus von Dohnányi
as Schulrat Henning
Anja Kling Anja Kling
as Dr. Schmidt-Gössenwein
Oskar Keymer Oskar Keymer
as Felix Vorndran
Lina Hüesker Lina Hüesker
as Ella
Johannes Zeiler Johannes Zeiler
as Hausmeister Michalski
Michael Ostrowski Michael Ostrowski
as Lehrer Herr Coldegol
Siegfried Foster Siegfried Foster
as Investor
Georg Sulzer Georg Sulzer
as Mario
Maximilian Ehrenreich Maximilian Ehrenreich
as Chris
Eloi Christ Eloi Christ
as Robert
Daniela Preuß Daniela Preuß
as Sandra Vorndran
Otto Waalkes Otto Waalkes
as Geist des Schulgründers Otto Leonhard
Sven Unterwaldt Jr. Sven Unterwaldt Jr.
Silja Clemens Silja Clemens
Gerrit Hermans Gerrit Hermans
Sabine Ludwig Sabine Ludwig
Florian Schumacher Florian Schumacher
Stephan Schuh Stephan Schuh