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Coconut Hero (2015)

Coconut Hero (2015)

The story of Mike Tyson... not the boxer.

It's not easy being a teenager and Mike, a sixteen-year-old, has it espcially hard. He lives in the sticks with his mother, a non-stop nagger, in Faintville, a Canadian timber industry town. He has no father, no friends, not even a favorite meal. Basically, his sole wish is simply to vanish from the face of the earth. One day, Mike writes his own obituary and shoots himself. To his great disappointment he wakes up the in the local hospital. During a routine examination, the doctors discover a plum-sized tumor in his brain. Mike can scarcely believe his luck and keeps the illness to himself to avoid undergoing surgery that would save him. Staring death directly in the eyes, however, changes Mike's point of view and he re-evaluates his opinion of both enchanting and crazy Miranda. Somebody seems to understand him after all.

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Alex Ozerov Alex Ozerov
as Mike Tyson
Bea Santos Bea Santos
as Miranda
Krista Bridges Krista Bridges
as Cynthia Tyson
Sebastian Schipper Sebastian Schipper
as Frank Burger
Udo Kier Udo Kier
as Mr. Morrow
Jim Annan Jim Annan
as Pastor
Florian Cossen Florian Cossen
Elena von Saucken Elena von Saucken
Paul Scherzer Paul Scherzer
Philipp Thomas Philipp Thomas