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Call Me Helen (2015)

Call Me Helen (2015)

Is. This. My. Son? No matter how often Tobias Wilke poses this question, there's always only one answer: Yes! Tobias, can't believe his eyes when he comes to the airport to pick up his 17-year-old son Finn – and learns that Finn is now calling herself Helen and wearing girls' clothes. Finn/Helen reveals that she's always felt like a girl, and that she used her year abroad in San Francisco to pass the "everyday life" test. This is required by law for everyone preparing for the sex-change operation they will undergo upon reaching majority. Reactions from Helen's friends, acquaintances and schoolmates cover the entire gamut from derision to solidarity. Especially Helen's father, a well-known chef, finds it difficult to accept a situation he cannot understand. But Helen nearly always finds the right words - and humor - to counterbalance the ignorance and jeers of those around her. It is the beginning of a long, winding road towards the sexual identity she is convinced is hers.

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Heino Ferch Heino Ferch
as Tobias Wilke
Jannik Schümann Jannik Schümann
as Finn Helen Wilke
Winnie Böwe Winnie Böwe
as Diana Calis
Judith Rosmair Judith Rosmair
as Gabi Schäfer
Beatrice Richter Beatrice Richter
as Frau Wilke
Rafael Gareisen Rafael Gareisen
as Christopher Funke
Kyra Sophia Kahre Kyra Sophia Kahre
as Jasmin Thalheimer
Timur Bartels Timur Bartels
as Adrian Peschel
Zoe Moore Zoe Moore
as Louisa Atalay
Özgür Karadeniz Özgür Karadeniz
as Boris Atalay
Sanne Schnapp Sanne Schnapp
as Petra Atalay
Thilo Prothmann Thilo Prothmann
as Helge Schott
Milena Dreißig Milena Dreißig
as Mimi Schott
Luc Feit Luc Feit
as Dr.Noak
Hauke Petersen Hauke Petersen
as Theo Kalkbrenner
Gregor Schnitzler Gregor Schnitzler