Addiction Recovery Movies

28 Days

A popular film although not a documentary about addiction, 28 Days, starring the lovely actress Sandra Bullock as Gwen Cummings, is a great movie about journeying through a 28 day stay at a drug rehab center. In the film, Cummings is ordered by the court to go to an alcohol detox center after crashing a stolen limo and ruining her sister’s wedding. The dramatic comedy debuted in theaters in the year 2000. Like Clean and Sober, the movie 28 Days focuses on what it is like to get sober in a drug rehab center. The Cummings character deals with a lot of family issues in group therapy and is forced to reexamine her entire life. The film depicts the most difficult thing we deal with during the early days of recovery: emotions and, ultimately, underlying mental health issues.

If you’ve ever done a stint at a rehab center, you will definitely relate to this movie. If you’re thinking about going into a rehabilitation facility, this movie does a good job of showing the realities of the first 28 days.

Clean and Sober

In the 1988 addiction treatment movie Clean and Sober, Michael Keaton plays Daryl Poynter, a drug addict and alcoholic who checks himself into the rehab center to escape trouble with the law. After finding a dead woman in his bed who had been partying with the night before, Poynter thinks rehab will be a safe haven. At first, he runs away from alcohol rehab convinced he doesn’t belong there, but before long, he realizes rehab is exactly where he needs to be. While in rehab, Keaton meets a tough substance abuse counselor and recovering addict played by Morgan Freeman.

The movie does a good job of depicting the process every addict and alcoholic goes through when we first get clean and sober. Although the movie is a drama, it has some comedic overtones and makes for a couple of entertaining hours of movie-watching.