War On Health Movie

The film War on Health, explores the position of the FDA and it’s role in the current medical paradigm, the current health crisis, and looks at possibilities for a healthier, more holistic health system. Statistical evidence documents hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths due to conventional medicine due to the lack of oversight by the FDA.

The FDA is currently trying to remove all of our important supplements, foods and herbs from the market and the public, claiming they are drugs, simply because they have healing effects. The FDA has begun a War on Kratom, which has helped millions of people suffering from chronic pain and heroin addicts to stay clean.


The American medical system is broken and this film points the way to a new direction that has democracy and the rights of the people at it’s heart. This is a great documentary. The whole video is up on youtube for free. I just hope every American gets a chance to watch it. Some dietary supplements will be taken off the shelves. FDA is in bed with big pharma, trying to stop kratom because they want addicts taking suboxone instead. FDA is just an other corrupt government agency. How can you ban raw milk and ban the Amish from trying to sell it to people? How can you ban organic gardening, and ban citizens from planting a garden on their own private property? If you are tired of the FDA then you have to write your congressman. You have to take action. You can’t overdose on vitamin c and there are no side effects so its no wonder its cutting into the profits of pharmaceutical companies. Please take action now

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