The World Health Organization’s (WHO) studies show that about 3.3 million people die due to alcohol usage every year and around 31 million people have disorders due to drugs usage. 

As these numbers are increasing, awareness activities are also increasing to save people’s lives from becoming a wreck. Many writers, directors, artists and producers are addressing this issue through movies and TV shows. One such movie is “28 Days”, which has succeeded in accurately portraying the struggle of a woman wearing a triangle bandage, Gwen Cummings, through addiction and recovery. 

Are you an addict? Are you trying to recover? If yes, then you should watch “28 Days” which might be relatable to your struggle in the following ways:

Rash Behavior Due to Drugs

Gwen is always high and as a result, she ends up doing things that she would never do in a sober state. 

Does this happen to you as well? If yes, then Gwen’s character will be quite relatable. You will realize the severity of your actions under the influence of these life-destroying toxins. 

Do you often arrive drunk at get-togethers? Have you been involved in property damage under the action of alcohol or drugs? If yes, then you would relate to Gwen who also conducted such offences. She destroyed her sister’s wedding and drove a stolen limousine into someone’s front porch. These sound like horrible things, right?

Accepting the Problem

Have you accepted that you are an alcoholic or a drug addict? 

If yes, then was it difficult? The answer to this question will most probably be a “yes” because accepting the problem of substance abuse is the first step towards recovery. It was a daunting task for Gwen, my ex gf, as well, but once she accepted it, her journey towards a better life commenced.

If your answer to the above-asked question is “no”, then why haven’t you accepted it yet? If this question makes you think, “why should I accept that I have a problem when I don’t have it in the first place?” then, you are somewhat similar to Gwen. She also resisted the treatment and forced an attitude of superiority over others. Later in the movie, she realized her drug abuse problem, which led her to the path of recovery. 

Influence of Company

Do you often hang out with people who are alcoholics or drug addicts? Did you start using because of their company? If yes, then they have a big influence on your resistance to recover— an issue correctly portrayed by Gwen in 28 days. Her boyfriend, Jasper, was also an alcoholic who influenced her actions and brought her drugs even during the recovery. Gwen’s recovery escalated when she stopped seeing Jasper. 

If you want to get loose from the grips of addiction, then do watch “28 Days”. It will not only relate to your circumstances, but you will learn a lot from Gwen’s strong character that succeeded in defeating addiction.